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Looking After The Environment

"We speak to hundreds of businesses each day who are looking for ways to reduce their Carbon Footprint when it comes to supplying their offices. That's why we've added this section to our website. Keep scrolling to find tips on changing your business for the better by going green. And remember, small steps can make a big difference!"

- Stacked Eco Team

Let's Work Together to Provide Sustainable Business Solutions...


Your Account Manager can suggest cost-effective and eco-friendly alternatives to your most frequently ordered products.

Our delivery routes are planned to minimise their environmental impact.

Stacked remanufactured toner cartridges are produced by recycling OEM toner cartridges, reducing waste plastic going to landfill.

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Stop Using Wet Wipes

Swap To Biodegradable Or Reusable Alternatives Such As Cotton Cloths

Small Steps To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Choose Eco-Friendly Office Products

Post-it Notes Recycled

Post-it Notes Recycled 38 x 51mm Canary Yellow (Pack of 12) 653-1

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Q-Connect White A4 Recycled Copier Paper

Q-Connect White A4 Recycled Copier Paper Ream 80gsm (Pack of 2500) KF01047

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Leitz Punched Pockets Recycled A4

Leitz Punched Pockets Recycled A4 (Pack of 100) 4791-10-03

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Avery Laser Label Recycled

Avery Laser Label Recycled 21 Per Sheet Wht (Pack of 2100) LR7160-100

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Paper Packaging

Switch plastic packaging with paper alternatives wherever you can

Giant Leaps To Change Your Business For The Better

Go Paperless

Choose to go paperless with your banking and invoicing - it reduces costs, your carbon footprint and it's more secure.

Cycle to Work Scheme

To discourage employees from using their cars to commute, why not introduce a cycle to work scheme.

Living walls

The introduction of greenery to the office has a positive impact on our physical health and mental wellbeing.

Work from home

Cut down on unnecessary emissions by allowing employers to work from home when feasible.

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Save Energy

Switching to LED light bulbs and adding motion sensors can reduce energy usage by up to 30%

We're Here to Help

Need a hand getting started? At Stacked we offer a number of sustainable processes to help your business go green.

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Make It Happen

Why not form your own Eco Team to implement green incentives in your business?

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